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Carbon Steel Ball Valves for the Oil and Gas Industry

We manufacture ball valves for flow control processes in petroleum, petrochemical, gas production and crude oil applications. Leading companies in the oil and gas industry depend on our carbon steel ball valves because of their features and reliable performance. We manufacture valves for the 3 segments of the oil and gas industry – upstream, midstream and downstream.

Ball Valves for a Wide Range of Applications in the Oil & Gas Industry

Our carbon steel ball valves can withstand high temperatures and corrosive substances making them suitable for use as blowdown valves. Compressor stations that allow natural gas to keep moving through a pipeline require valves and our ball valves can withstand the high pressure that a compressor station can create. Systems that collect wet natural gas from wellheads can benefit from our natural gas ball valves. Mainline pipeline systems incorporating compressor stations, pipes and plants to collect and transport natural gas can depend on our ball valves.

The hex shape of our ball valves allows for easy installation and their inert PTFE seats and seals along with a phosphate coating provide corrosion resistance. Browse our carbon steel ball valves catalog to learn the specific features of our various ball valves.

Dynaquip Controls has been manufacturing high quality and reliable products for more than 70 years. Throughout this time, we have succeeded in meeting the high expectations of industrial customers located all over the globe. Valve and fluid control products have long been our area of expertise and we hope to leverage it for your benefit.

To learn more about how our carbon steel ball valves supports the oil and gas industry, contact us.

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