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145820.01, Valve Position Limit Switch for Pneumatic Valves

Item Name Valve Position Limit Switch for Pneumatic Valves
NEMA Rating 4/4X
Application Pneumatic Actuator control, Pneumatic Valves, Visual Indicator, SPDT Limit Switches for open/close notification
Pneumatic and Electro-Pneumatic Positioner

For efficient operation of HP series pneumatic actuators, choose DynaQuip positioners

Pneumatic and electro-pneumatic positioners are commonly used to control flow, pressure, temperature, or level via an air actuated valve. The positioner interprets an analog signal (air or electric) and directs compressed air to the air chambers of the pneumatic actuator. The result is a corresponding adjustment to the degree of openness on the valve being operated by that actuator.

Pneumatic Positionsers:

  • Pneumatic positioners commonly receive a 3 - 15 PSI air input signal to
Electro-Magnetic positioners
  • Employ integral I/P transducers for converting a 4 - 20 mA electrical input signal to a 3 - 15 PSI air output signal.

  • Unique Magnetic Torque Motor 4-20 mA I/P automatically compensates for supply pressure, atmospheric pressure and ambient temperature changes, and is unaffected by EMF. The vibration resistant design has no resonance effects from 5-200 Hz. In real life, the performance and sensitivity are clearly superior to standard valve positioner designs.
  • Reduced Bleed Pilot Valve reduces air consumption by more than 50 %
  • No Spool Valves are used for air delivery, improving resistance to dirty plant air
  • Rugged Aluminum Housing with a triple corrosion-resistant interior and exterior coating stands up to harsh environments
  • Precise Calibration with simple SPAN and ZERO adjustments.
  • Precision Zero-Hysteresis Coupling System for NAMUR actuators provides superior accuracy and repeatability by eliminating "slop".
  • Stainless Steel Gauges Standard
  • Rated NEMA 4, 4X
Additional Pneumatic Actuator Options Available
  • Speed Control Valves - Controls opening and/or closing times of the valve.
  • Dribble Controls - Rapid and slow opening or closing within the same stroke. (To prevent water hammer or to slow a fill process.)
  • Manual Override - Hand wheel declutchable manual override for double acting or spring-return pneumatic actuators.

Consult DynaQuip Controls for additional information or for help configuring the correct pneumatic assembly for your specific assembly.

2 SPDT switches and visual indicator
Fits HP032-HP140 Actuators

For efficient operation of HP series pneumatic actuators, choose DynaQuip valve position limit switches

  • Provides local or remote indication of valve position
  • Contains 2 SPDT switches
  • NEMA 4, 4X enclosure Additional NEMA ratings and voltages are available.
  • High contrast indicator for instant visual notification.
  • Includes mounting bracket
  • 1/2" NPT conduit entry