70F60903MP075SR8F, DynaFly Series - Butterfly Valve with Pneumatic Actuator - 700/722 Series

Valve Size 3 in
Connection Type Wafer
Body Style Wafer
Body Length 6.00 in
Pneumatic Actuator Type Spring Return - Fail Open
Series 700/722
Valve Type Butterfly Valve
Body Type Wafer Resilient Seat
Actuator Type Pneumatic
Valve CWP 200 psi
Temperature Range - Media 10 to 180 ºF
Temperature Range - Ambient -10 to 195 ºF
Weight 19.51 lb
Body Finish Ductile Iron
Body/Disc Trim Nickel Plated Ductile Iron
Body Material Ductile Iron
Disc Material Nickel Plated Ductile Iron
Seat Material BUNA - N
Stem Material 416 Stainless Steel
Application Butterfly Valve, Pneumatic Butterfly Valve, Main Valve, Wafer Valve, Lug Valve, Double Acting, Spring Return, Main Gate Valve, Shut-off Valve, Ductile Iron, Industrial Valve
Features Agricultural and Food Processing, Alternative Energy and Fuel Production, Bulk Product Movement, Chemical Processing, Coolants, Effluent Lines, Degreasing, Pickling, Plating, Wash Down, Dewatering and Sludge Movement, Filtration Systems, Hydraulic/Pneumatic Systems and Lifts, Ink Spraying and Cleaning, Line Purge, Machine Cooling, Mixing, Filling, Material Flow, Municipal Service, Natural Gas and Oil Production, Solid and Liquid Waste Controls, Steel Mills

The DynaFly 70 Wafer and 72 Lug Series are the work horses of industrial butterfly valves. Pre-sized and preassembled with our MP series pneumatic actuators, these valves come standard with ductile iron body and disc and abrasion-resistant Buna-N Phenolic Backed Seat for stretch resistant, tight shut-off during actuation and quick and easy field repairs. Pilot solenoids, positioners, other pneumatic accessories or other valve body and seat materials are available on request.

See our 700/722 Series for detailed butterfly valve information.
See our MP Series for detailed pneumatic actuator information

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70/72 Series Specifications and Options:

  • Wafer Style (700) or Lug Style (722) Bodies
  • Standard Body Material: ASTM A536 Ductile Iron
  • Standard Disc Material: Ni-Coated Ductile Iron Also Available: Aluminum Bronze and 316 Stainless Steel
  • Standard Seat Material: Buna-N Also Available: EPDM, TFE, Viton®
  • 200 PSI CWP 2-12" direct mount, 175 PSI CWP 14-24" bracket mount
  • Temperature range: -40 deg F to 350 deg F (Dependent on seat material)
  • Operator: MP Series Pneumatic Actuator (DynaFly Series)

Key Actuator Specifications and Benefits

  • Operation: Available in Double Acting, Spring Return Fail Close and Spring Return Fail Open
  • Body: Extruded Aluminum Alloy
  • Piston: Aluminum Alloy, ASTM B179
  • End Cap: Aluminum Alloy, ASTM B179, Epoxy Coated
  • Drive Shaft: Forged Steel, ASTM A105 Nickel Plated
  • Seal, O-Rings: Buna N
  • Bearings: Delrin 500
  • Fasteners: SS ASTM A193-B8
  • Nuts: SS ASTM A194-GR8
  • Loaded Springs: Steel, Zinc Phosphate Coated
  • Operating Temperature -4° F to 176°

Optional Actuator Accessories such as Pilot Solenoid Valves, Valve Position Limit Switches, Electro-Pneumatic Positioners and others can be found in Pneumatic Actuator Accessories

Key Valve Specifications and Benefits

  • NEMA 4 Housing with Manual Override and Handle-Wheel
  • Self-locking gear train and reversing motor
  • Multiple Voltages Available
  • Support Shaft Seal: A bonding of elastomer to phenolic backing ring protects against distortion, a common cause of shaft leakage
  • Wide flange-face sealing area provides a tight flange-to-valve seal and negates the need for flange gaskets
  • Once-piece 416 Stainless Steel stem shaft ensured dependability and positive disc positioning
  • Locating holes at bottom and top of Wafer Valve Ease Installation. Lug style valve has drilled and tapped lugs meeting ANSI 125/150 flange standards
  • Precision Profile Disc provides bubble-tight shut-off and assures minimum torque and longer seat life
  • Set Screw stabilizes the seat to prevent movement. Positive dead-end service up to 75PSIG MAX
  • Precision Taper Pin Ensures a positive vibration proof shaft to disc connection
  • Once-piece 416 Stainless Steel stem shaft ensured dependability and positive disc positioning
  • Four Bushings furnish shaft support for positive shaft alignment and actuator support