Carbon Steel 150 ANSI Flanged Valve - V5C Series

V5C Series Flanged Ball Valves are perfect for a wide range of applications where an ANSI 150 flange ins needed. This two piece A216-WCB investment cast body valve features a low-out proof stem, anti-static device, and a fire safe design (test to API 607). This valve can be automated – see our DynaMatic PHC and EHC series.

Key Benefits:

  • Stainless Steel Ball, Stem, and Handle
  • RFTE Seat, PTFE Seal and Packing.
  • ISO 5211 Direct-Mount Pad

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V5C6.EJ 4 3.86 in 9.02 in 0.75 in 5.33 in 12.80 in 7.52 in