DynaFly Series - Butterfly Valve with Pneumatic Actuator - 700/722 Series

The DynaFly 70 Wafer and 72 Lug Series are the work horses of industrial butterfly valves. Pre-sized and preassembled with our MP series pneumatic actuators, these valves come standard with ductile iron body and disc and abrasion-resistant Buna-N Phenolic Backed Seat for stretch resistant, tight shut-off during actuation and quick and easy field repairs. Pilot solenoids, positioners, other pneumatic accessories or other valve body and seat materials are available on request.

See our 700/722 Series for detailed butterfly valve information.
See our MP Series for detailed pneumatic actuator information

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70/72 Series Specifications and Options:

  • Wafer Style (700) or Lug Style (722) Bodies
  • Standard Body Material: ASTM A536 Ductile Iron
  • Standard Disc Material: Ni-Coated Ductile Iron Also Available in 316 Stainless Steel
  • Standard Seat Material: Buna-N Also Available: EPDM, TFE, Viton®
  • 200 PSI CWP 2-12" direct mount, 175 PSI CWP 14-24" bracket mount
  • Temperature range: -40 deg F to 350 deg F (Dependent on seat material)
  • Operator: MP Series Pneumatic Actuator (DynaFly Series)

Key Actuator Specifications and Benefits

  • Operation: Available in Double Acting, Spring Return Fail Close and Spring Return Fail Open
  • Body: Extruded Aluminum Alloy
  • Piston: Aluminum Alloy, ASTM B179
  • End Cap: Aluminum Alloy, ASTM B179, Epoxy Coated
  • Drive Shaft: Forged Steel, ASTM A105 Nickel Plated
  • Seal, O-Rings: Buna N
  • Bearings: Delrin 500
  • Fasteners: SS ASTM A193-B8
  • Nuts: SS ASTM A194-GR8
  • Loaded Springs: Steel, Zinc Phosphate Coated
  • Operating Temperature -4° F to 176°

Optional Actuator Accessories such as Pilot Solenoid Valves, Valve Position Limit Switches, Electro-Pneumatic Positioners and others can be found in Pneumatic Actuator Accessories

Key Valve Specifications and Benefits

  • NEMA 4 Housing with Manual Override and Handle-Wheel
  • Self-locking gear train and reversing motor
  • Multiple Voltages Available
  • Support Shaft Seal: A bonding of elastomer to phenolic backing ring protects against distortion, a common cause of shaft leakage
  • Wide flange-face sealing area provides a tight flange-to-valve seal and negates the need for flange gaskets
  • Once-piece 416 Stainless Steel stem shaft ensured dependability and positive disc positioning
  • Locating holes at bottom and top of Wafer Valve Ease Installation. Lug style valve has drilled and tapped lugs meeting ANSI 125/150 flange standards
  • Precision Profile Disc provides bubble-tight shut-off and assures minimum torque and longer seat life
  • Set Screw stabilizes the seat to prevent movement. Positive dead-end service up to 75PSIG MAX
  • Precision Taper Pin Ensures a positive vibration proof shaft to disc connection
  • Once-piece 416 Stainless Steel stem shaft ensured dependability and positive disc positioning
  • Four Bushings furnish shaft support for positive shaft alignment and actuator support

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Pneumatic Actuator Type
Body Style
Item # Valve Size Connection Type Body Style Body Length Pneumatic Actuator Type List Price
70F60906MP105DA 6 in Wafer Wafer 9.50 in Double Acting
70F60906MP237SR10F 6 in Wafer Wafer 8.50 in Spring Return - Fail Open
70F60906MP237SR12 6 in Wafer Wafer 9.50 in Spring Return - Fail Closed
72F60906MP105DA 6 in Lug Lug 9.50 in Double Acting
72F60906MP237SR10F 6 in Lug Lug 9.50 in Spring Return - Fail Open
72F60906MP237SR12 6 in Lug Lug 9.50 in Spring Return - Fail Closed