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AD2A 3/4, Drainmaster DC Auto Drain Valve 3/4"

Valve Size 3/4 in
Temperature Range - Media -15 to 300 ºF
Temperature Range - Ambient 35 to 165 ºF
Discharge Volume/Cycle 6.0 gal @ 64 80 psi
Cycle Intervals (20) 1 min - 14 days
Valve Type Ball
Actuator Type Electric
Connection Type FNPT
Body Style 2 Piece
Weight 3.50 lb
Voltage 12 VDC w/ 120 V Power Adaptor
Operator Electric Actuator
Body Material Lead-Free Brass
Seat Material RTFE
Body Length 5.00 in
Application Agricultural and Food Processing, Alternative Energy and Fuel Production, Bulk Product Movement, Chemical Processing, Coolants, Effluent Lines, Degreasing, Pickling, Plating, Wash Down, Dewatering and Sludge Movement, Filtration Systems, Hydraulic/Pneumatic Systems and Lifts, Ink Spraying and Cleaning, Line Purge, Machine Cooling, Mixing, Filling, Material Flow, Municipal Service, Natural Gas and Oil Production, Solid and Liquid Waste Controls, Steel Mills
Features Full port valve resists clogging, Lead Free valve for potable water use, Adjustible cycle frequency from 1 minute to 14 days

Moisture collection and sediment buildup are the two biggest threats to your compressed air system and tools. Harmful water and sediment produced in the normal operation of air systems causes rust and corrosion to the structure if not removed from the system. These contamites need to be drained manually or with equipment, to gain the maximum operation of the system. Excessive condensation leads to premature failure of tools and high maintence or replacement cost. For compressed air, the DRAINMASTER can be used on receivers, dryers, tanks, and drop legs. Other uses for DRAINMASTER include sampling and purging a wide variety of clean liquids or gases.

Left to manual draining, air systems are often neglected or forgotten. Other types of automatic drains have small ports that clog up with sediment, scale and sludge. Float drain linkages immersed in steady corrosive drain solutions eventually clog and malfunction. Solenoid type drains use Y-strainers upstream that require frequent manual clean out.

What sets DRAIMASTER apart? The DRAINMASTER uses a full port brass ball valve that allows sediment and material to leave easily and quickly without clogging. The powerful electric motor operates the valve under the most adverse conditions without sticking and jamming. Available in sizes 1/2" to 1", we have a correctly sized solution for your piping needs.

1/2" Valve Size with 1/4" bushings