AP34SR4F, Pneumatic Actuator - AP Series - 0 - 37,250 in·lbs

Temperature Range - Ambient -10 to 195 ºF
Width - C 3.07 in
Length - A 5.39 in
Weight 2.98 lb
Pneumatic Actuator Type Spring Return - Fail Open
Type Pneumatic, Dual Rack and Pinion Design, Spring Return
Mount Type ISO 5211
Number of Springs 8
Torque Consult Factory
J 1.00 in
K 0.71 in
L 0.551 in
M 10-32
N 1.65 in
P 5/16-18
Q 2.76 in
Note Pneumatic Valve, Dual Rack and Pinion Design, Air Actuator, NEMA 4, NEMA 4X, Air Driven Valve, Quarter-Turn Air Actuator, Quarter-Turn Pneumatic Actuator, Air Operator, Pneumatic Operator, Air to Open, Double Acting, Air to Close
Body Material Aluminum, Anodized Finish Epoxy Coated
Height - H 4.25 in
B Dimensions 3.46 in
D Dimensions 1.32 in
E Dimensions 1.75 in
F Dimensions 0.39 in
G Dimensions 0.55 in
DynaQuip Controls AP Series Rack& Pinion Pneumatic Actuators are designed to meet the needs of the quarter-turn valve market. Engineered to be compact, durable,and versatile, these actuators represent the latest technology coupled with economical and long-lasting operation. Our AP Series actuators are available in double acting and spring return models with torque outputs up to 46,540 inch-pounds with a 100 PSI air supply.

APSeries actuators are perfect for quarter-turn valve automation applications where continuous rapid cycling is required or hazardous conditions exist
  • Body: Aluminum, ASTM 6063-T6, Hard Anodized Finish Epoxy Coated
  • Piston: Aluminum Alloy, ASTM B179
  • End Cap: Aluminum Alloy, ASTM B179, Black Polyester Paint Finish
  • Drive Shaft: Forged Steel, ASTM A105 Nickel Plated
  • Seal, O-Rings: Buna N
  • Bearings: Delrin 500
  • Fasteners: SS ASTM A193-B8
  • Nuts: SS ASTM A194-GR8
  • Loaded Springs: Steel, High Alloy Epoxy Coated
  • Operating Temperature: -10° F to 195° F