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Carbon Steel 3-Way High-Pressure Valve - VZE Series

VZE Series ball valves divert flow from one incoming port to two different ports in an L-port design. Self-lubricating Delrin® seats. Uses include hydraulic oils, water/oil emulsion, air, glycol and gasoline. Not rated for steam or vacuum applications.

Key Benefits:
  • Self-lubricating Delrin® Seats
  • Max pressures 4568 to 7250 psi CWP (size specific).
  • Temperature range -20 degF to 175 degF

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Item # Valve Size Thread Type Valve CWP Port Diameter Temperature Range Handle Type List Price
VZEG.A0 1/2 1/2 in FNPT 7250 psi 0.45 in -10 to 175 ºF Lever
VZEG.A0 1/4 1/4 in FNPT 7250 psi 0.19 in -10 to 175 ºF Lever
VZEG.A0 3/4 3/4 in FNPT 4568 psi 0.71 in -10 to 175 ºF Lever
VZEG.A0 3/8 3/8 in FNPT 7250 psi 0.29 in -10 to 175 ºF Lever