V6C2.A9AP 3/8, Carbon Steel 3-Piece Bolted In-Line Valve - V6C Series

Valve Size 3/8 in
Thread Type FNPT
Ball Material Stainless Steel
Seat Material PTFE/RTFE
Body Style 3 Piece
Handle Type Locking Handle
Valve Type Ball
Operation Type Manual
Ball Pattern Conventional, Bi-Directional
End Connections FNPT
End Connections
  • FNPT (item V6C2.A all sizes)
  • Socket weld (item V6C2.C all sizes)
Pressure 1000WOG
Porting Full
Number of Ports 2
Valve Working Steam Pressure 150 psi
Body Material Carbon Steel
Seal Type PTFE
Stem Material Stainless Steel
Handle Material Stainless Steel
Application Agricultural and Food Processing, Altertive Energy and Fuel Production, Bulk Product Movement, Chemical Processing, Compressed Air Services, Condensate Removal, Coolants, Effluent Lines, Degreasing, Pickling, Plating, Washdown, Demineralizers, Dewatering and Sludge Movement, Filtration Systems, Hydraulic/Pneumatic Systems and Lifts, Ink Spraying and Cleaning, Line Purge, Machine Cooling, Mixing, Filling, Material Flow, Municipal Service, Natural Gas and Oil Production, Solid and Liquid Waste Control, Steel Mills, General Chemical Applications
Temperature Range -4 to 392 F

V6C Series ball valves are designed for hydraulic, petroleum, and general chemical applications where maintenance is key! These three-piece bolted in-line valves feature investment cast steel bodies and end caps for durability. Avail in NPT threaded for socket weld end connections. Valves feature carbon-filled TFM seats, blowout-proof stems, and actuator mounting pad. This valve can be automated, please inquire.

Key Benefits:

  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Simple, Fast Installation and Maintenance
  • Adjustable Stem Packing
  • 316 SS Ball and Stem
  • Rated for 150 PSI WSP steam service


  • Lockout Kit Available
  • Valve Can Be Automated – Call For Details