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VXEK.A0 3/4, Carbon Steel 4-Way High-Pressure Valve - VXE Series

Valve Size 3/4 in
Thread Type FNPT
Cold Water Pressure 4568 psi
Port Diameter 0.71 in
Temperature Range -10 to 175 ºF
Handle Type Lever
Series VXE
Valve Type Ball
Operation Type Handle
Ball Pattern Double L
End Connections FNPT
Body Style 4-Way
Porting Full
Weight 12.83 lb
Number of Ports 4
Ball Material Chrome Plated Brass
Seat Material Delrin® (POM)
Body Material Carbon Steel
Seal Type Nitrile (NBR)
Stem Material Steel
Handle Material Steel
Trim Material Chrome Plated Brass
A Dimensions 5.20 in
H Dimensions 11.02 in
Application Agricultural and Food Processing, Altertive Energy and Fuel Production, Bulk Product Movement, Chemical Processing, Compressed Air Services, Condensate Removal, Coolants, Effluent Lines, Degreasing, Pickling, Plating, Washdown, Demineralizers, Dewatering and Sludge Movement, Filtration Systems, Hydraulic/Pneumatic Systems and Lifts, Ink Spraying and Cleaning, Line Purge, Machine Cooling, Mixing, Filling, Material Flow, Municipal Service, Natural Gas and Oil Production, Solid and Liquid Waste Control, Steel Mills, General Chemical Applications
VXE Series multi-port ball valves are diverter valves with 4-way Double L-Port (two-position) for controlling a hydraulic cylinder.. Self-lubricating Delrin® seats. Uses include hydraulic oils, water/oil emulsion, air, glycol and gasoline. Not rated for steam or vacuum applications.

Key Benefits:
  • Self-lubricating Delrin® Seats
  • Max pressures 4568 to 7250 psi CWP (size specific).
  • Temperature range -20 degF to 175 degF